Angelina's 100 Enterprising Women's Book in O Magazine This Fall thru WBC



To be introduced to the readers of O, The Oprah Magazine through my 'Angelina's Wellness by Choice' insert in the January 2020 issue (release December 15th, 2019) which how we educate others to live and work smarter, healthier and happier?

For over 20 years I’ve coached, strategized, launched and grown businesses and people. As the CEO/co-founder of a media, marketing and private web tech firm I’ve been interviewed on Radio/TV, produced my own shows, trained experts for theirs or as guests, and awarded for my results.

Now, I’m dedicating my resources to empower experience and genuine experts to reach, teach and impact greater through Wellness by Choice™; help more people live smarter and healthier through their expertise, products and services!

My Mission is to help amplify the visibility and credibility of genuine experts who help us live smarter, healthier and happier while attempting to offset misinformation by the ‘fake’ or ‘careless’ who confuse them on whom to trust.

If you wish to be more widely seen, known and respected as a trustworthy expert come learn how by acquiring the skills, experiencing and achieving!