Angelina Musik

Angelina Musik-Comp

Domestic Violence Survivor to Philanthropic Web Tech Co-founder.

At thirty-three years old, Angelina Musik fled her domestic violence situation from San Antonio, Texas to Tacoma, WA, with two kids in tow to reboot her life as an experienced entrepreneur and as the founder of the MOMtrepreneurs Network, launched in 1990. 

As a self-taught programmer, who wasn't allowed to finish her Master's in Business with a minor in radio, television, and film, during her first marriage, on June 1, 1999, she became one of the first ten female CEOs of a web tech company Intelligent Netware, and still reigns as its co-founder with her husband Daniel Comp.

{1} Carol Bartz, CEO Autodesk (1992-2006); {2} Judith Lenore Estrin, CEO of Network Computing Devices (1993-1995); {3} Dr. Jo Mei Chang, CEO Vitria Technology Inc. (1994-2003); {4} Margaret Cushing Whitman, CEO of Ebay (1998-2008); {5} Ellen Hancock, CEO of Exodus Communications (1998-2001); {6} Diane Greene, CEO of VMWare (1998-2008), {7} Angelina Musik, CEO of Intelligent Netware (1999 to present); {8} Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard (July 1999-2005); {9} Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox (2001-2009), and {10} Mitchell Baker, CEO Mozilla Foundation / Corporation (2005-2008). 

In 2019, her planned comeback from a sabbatical, after suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2004, included the launch Wellness by Choice to broadcast smarter and healthier living education with access to products and services by companies she's come to know, like and trust so that others may too. COVID paused and moved the major launch date to 2023.

Prior to her sabbatical, in 2004, Musik became the first woman ever awarded twice by the U.S. Small Business Administration for converging web technology, her tv and radio shows, in person and filmed events, and legacy marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs reach more customers to succeed greater.

Two weeks later she was invited by one of the producers at Mark Burnett Productions to participate in the Apprentice 3 Season of ’Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts'. Unfortunately, this opportunity would not be realized as she suffered a traumatic brain injury five days before filming. 

Unaware she was dripping cerebral spinal fluid, she plowed forward and a few months later achieved a 4.1 rating for her 'Angelina TV Show' which aired on PAXTV. In 2005, when asked to be a judge for Simon's Cowells American Inventor TV Show, she declined to focus on healing.  Struggling through her brain injury recovery she eventually faded out of the public eye after her last expo event in 2006, which was produced at a Spurs Basketball Game with 17,000 ticket holders.

In 2009, she moved from San Antonio to the Pacific Northwest with her husband Daniel to heal her herself, work on their marriage and delve into a research and development phase until it was time for her comeback.

"No marriage escapes one of the its members experiencing a health issue and the challenges which come with it, especially as an enterprising couple!"

Musik credits her husband Daniel as her team mate who deserves just as much recognition as she does. It was their different strengths combined which empowered her to succeed and his support which gave her the freedom to be the inventor and communicator at heart.

Musik’s backstory includes being born in Munich, Germany as Angelina Bosch to a German teen mom and a biological dad she just learned of through Ancestry.com from Oklahoma she still hasn’t met.

While being raised in Germany, around three years old she was adopted by her stepdad from Guam. He worked at the U.S. Army hospital in Germany and managed the movie theatre on base while her mom, Hermine, worked at the German Patent Office in München, Germany.

Musik credits her stepdad for her initial confidence based enterprising skills she's practiced as young as she can remember. At fourteen, her family moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1978 and resumed living on the military base where while attending private schools excelling in mathematics, science, theatre and voice, and sports.

"Dad was raised in Guam on a farm with ten siblings. They had to learn how to survive creatively. Growing up I remember us driving around the military base on trash day in our avocado green station wagon finding treasures we'd refurbish into an asset to trade with. Our home was eclectic with collectibles, or I supposed inventory to barter with.

I spent many hours at the movie theatre dad managed on base, as I had few friends and was bullied a lot. It wasn't popular to have a brown dad during that time historically. Watching films is where I learned the power of one to many through storytelling and entertainment. The impact one could have in people's lives through performance, a big stage and media."

Fast forward, Musik launches MOMtrepreneurs in 1990 as a mother of a three-year-old and five-year-old while running her private registered home day care called Angelina's House.  Here she designed a low stress and highly profitable business model around raising her kids. Soon, she was teaching other moms to do so likewise. 

“MOMtrepreneurs started on the playgrounds where I informally coached moms on how to monetize their talents now, not just talk about it in the future. How to decide, start and succeed at it!”

As Musik’s own two children started school Angelina’s House went from full time to after school care freeing her up to launch Heavenly Help, a private concierge organizing, cleaning, and life coaching service while leading praise and worship at two churches in Houston, Texas.

“I love facilitating makeovers in people’s lives.  Providing clarity where there is confusion, order where there is chaos and insight through what I've learned and have overcome through my own life experiences.”

As a former thespian in high school and theater director she was engaged in creating new life stories, including her own. When Musik retired Angelina’s House she went full time with Heavenly Help and in funding her first Christian Pop Album she wrote the songs for and produced.  Her single ‘Give You Rest’ achieved radio airplay mostly in Europe.





To date Musik owns and controls the largest privately own digital content distribution or web syndication network across the U.S. created for the sole purpose to increase the visibility of authentic and integrity filled enterprises while reducing the footprint of what she coins as 'enterprising predators'.

"At the end of the day, my greatest achievements are a mom, best friend and wife to Daniel. That together Daniel and I will have paved a better road beyond our personal adventures we've grown through together for our kids to learn through and from.

On January 5, 2021, Angelina's only son Chris, passed at 31 years old.

Founders - Daniel & Angelina Musik-Comp








■ 2023 Enterprising Women's Project, Book, Expo and Conference (March & April in Glendale, AZ)
■ 2023 My Mind's Wellness: 365 Days of Healing through Understanding Prevention Magazine/Feb 2023 Conference
■ 2022 November Wellness by Choice Expo & Enterprising Women's Project and Conference
■ 2022 My Mind's Wellness: 365 Days of Healing through Understanding Project Initiated
■ 2022 Wellness by Choice Expo & Enterprising Women's Conference in Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Magazine
■ 2021 Version 4 Wellness by Choice Expo & Enterprising Women's Conference rescheduled.
■ 2020 Version 4 Wellness by Choice Expo & Enterprising Women's Project in Entrepreneur & Phoenix Magazine
■ 2019 Version 3 of Wellness by Choice & Enterprising Women's Project
■ 2018 Version 2 of Wellness by Choice  
■ 2017 Launch of LiveCopy for Wellness by Choice: Authors, Speakers, Trainers
■ 2016 Launch of Concierge Medical Society 
■ 2014 Initiate Public Version of Wellness by Choice - Live Smarter, Healthier and Happier.
■ 2013 Launched 'Stop the Botch' Campaign for victims of plastic surgery.
■ 2013 San Antonio Women's Hall of Fame Nominee
■ 2012 Beautiful Intelligence Program for Women 
■ 2012 International Women's SEO & SERPs Award 
■ 2011 Gracie Awards Nomination by The Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) 
■ 2010 Texas Women’s Hall of Fame Nominee [Rick Perry's Governors Commission for Women] 
■ 2010 Letter of Recognition from Governor Rick Perry for Texas Women’s Hall of Fame Nomination 
■ 2010 Business Journal ‘Women in Business Award’ Nomination
■ 2009 Letter of Recognition from U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for establishing, empowering and recognizing women through The Red Dress Society. 
■ 2009 The Red Dress Society’s ‘Philanthropic’ Angel Award as recognition from its own awarded women recipients that year. 
■ 2009 Founded the Red Dress Society Angel Awards program to recognize, aware, mentor and marketing women behind social causes and social entrepreneurs.
■ 2009 SAMY's Award Nomination [Internet & Digital Media Production Category] thru the American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT), local chapter San Antonio Media Alliance [SAMA]. AWRT is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. Originally conceived as the women's division of the National Association of Broadcasters. 
■ 2008 Recognized by TANF for the designing the first Welfare Entrepreneurial Achievement Program [WEAP] – the convergence of economic development and psychology. A solution to empower women off welfare, reduce the teen pregnancy rate, increase high school graduates, reduce domestic violence, create jobs and strengthen families emotionally and financially. 
■ 2006 NAWBO Entrepreneurial ‘Innovator’ Award Nomination, San Antonio The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power. 
■ 2005 NAWBO Entrepreneurial ‘Innovator’ Award Nomination, San Antonio. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power. 
■ 2005 Essence Magazine’s ‘Women Who Change the World’ Nomination
■ 2004 NBC's Donald Trump's Apprentice Season III Semi-Finalist 'Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts'
■ 2004 U.S. Small Business Administration, Sixth District (Five States) ‘Women in Business Champion of the Year’ Award Recipient.
■ 2004 U.S. Small Business Administration, San Antonio’s ‘Women in Business Champion of the Year’ Award Recipient
■ 2004 NAWBO Entrepreneurial ‘Rising Star’ Award Nomination, San Antonio. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power. 
■ 2004 Letter of Recognition from Governor Rick Perry for empowering Small Business Success in Women through MOMtrepreneurs, LLC using the combined power of media, mentoring, digital marketing and web technology. 
■ 2004 San Antonio Business Journal ‘Top 40 Entrepreneurs under 40’ Nomination
■ 2003 International Athena Award Nominee - ATHENA International is a non-profit organization that seeks to support, develop and honor women leaders. The program inspires women to reach their full potential and strives to create balance in leadership worldwide. 
■ 2000-2003 Edge Learning Institute - Design Leadership Training and Online HR Sustaining Program used by Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Panera Bread, etc... 
■ 2000 Raytheon - Web Based Training Program for the Navy 
■ 1999 UPS Tracking System Design 
■ 1990 Founded MOMtrepreneurs - Women in Business Organization that mentors, trains, support and funds women and mom entrepreneurs



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